Colours 'n' Sh​!​t

by T*U*A

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Colours 'n' Sh!t (2013)

All songs are mixed, mastered & produced by T*U*A Music


released 21 June 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: Quids In (A1)
Ay ay
What we ought to do today
Is record an album
And finish it with an outcome
That gives new meaning to random
& raise the ceiling for Fans then
Leave em feeling the pain off attaining pars for passion
To find out where insane is
I found it where my brain is
Masqueraded to those near to me
So acting like I dont take this ish seriously
Takes the pressure off consumers
Which appears to be the the reason we dont get rumored
that's what I believe

How cool
I spent my whole life at school
Now i'm running out of time trying to figure out this snafu

This lifes got man loosing mans noodle
Chasing a life that feels as real as finding a Whangdoodle
Or a shiny charizard card
Its the only thing he's good at so why does he find it harder
Nevertheless theres no quitting
He.mans spitting dope
Like his lifes hangs on a splitting rope
Skills are silly though
And the beats are kinda chilly too
The combo gets em sweating like a bowl of chilly stew
Stand it
Come on a journey of a house built on a sand pit
Colours and shit
Track Name: Luster Rock
Luster Rock Music Video:

Verse 1

I know I’m grinding hard
Still feels like something’s missing
Mama said talk to god
Still feels like he don’t listen
I like being heard so I gleaned a couple verbs
That are mean,
Into a verse,
to make green till paper burst
Through my jeans.
Right Now I aint shit
But I am feeling to make something big, who’s gassing when it happens don’t jump on the dick
T.U.A bitch
Shitting out beats like a nigga has Crohn’s disease
& Heman knows real shit coz has the noes for beats

I wonder if God could start over
Eradicate then resuscitate
Will I hesitate to elevate,separate from my natural state.
New design to confine
Aint drunk on wine
Mind in slime so I dirty wine
Dirt un-wined
new exterior
Mirror in the river
Likeness is more than less
The original Sculpture Scripture
Will he hire a Gardner
Up root tree in fire
Or will viper conspire a new plan for desire.

Do you like what I write?
Does it feel right?
If so the stones glow
The movement is Unknown.

Do you like what I write? [2x]

Verse 2

Unknown host’s the coldest flows till u overdose with runny nose
Rocking shows then mocking hoes in summer clothes even though its cold.

I'm as cold as the northest poles
Evicting igloos: Eskimos
Frozen stiff like vegetables
A crunchy nut in breakfast bowls

We’re done with the wicked chat,
Scupper out the silly twats,
Flapping their wet gums
Coz they’re celibate like nuns.
I don’t celebrate where I’m from
Like, Post codes & shit
Po'Po’ pulling over whips,
No bros On road shit

To old for this
Cant ride on London buses
Red light flashes, oyster touches....
Let that marinade
Before my centigrade
Assassinates sense
No pence to validate,
here with my Back against a fence

I aint got no money
I got no time
Time is my enemy
Real allies are hard to find.

(keys in your mind
Mind hard to find
Find your own shine
Shine through the grime)
Track Name: Her Nectar
I'll see you there at 9pm/
We Dont need to involve friends/
I see the poison in your eyes/
You see the poison inside mine/
This is why I know u well/
Bitches lie but u don't tell/
We met each other in this hell/
Is this why we fit so well?/

When we both know
Its like we do no wrong
And we cant let it go (2x)

Verse 1
Happy birthday baby
Today's all about you
Far from heavenly
But the devil in you
Got me reaching skies blue
Your gift big to lift
So come through
Surprise #2
Need a clue
Like West End
Whats in store for you
Lobster and wine
Dinner for two
See you half 9
More like quarter to.

Even tho I've got no money/
You Always Seem to find time for me/
So I alleviate your worries/
Our future waits but there's no hurry/
Just meet me were I dwell after dark/
I know we always chill at the park/
But today's your special day/
So today I'll let u have your way/

When she don't know
Its like we do no wrong
And we cant let it go (2x)

Lets get dirty
Stain the shower
Thermometer raise temperature
Coco butter
Massage your essences
Into my existences
Like a car through a tunnel
Let me enter your temple
Make this memorable
Lips cant leave your skin
Celebrate my sin
Same time my girl walks in........
Track Name: Mada Mada (まだまだだね)
Just a spec on a sheet, long the day that we meet
The lips of defeat scares the bones from the meat
Chronologicaly frozen in a time zone
Who's chosen the most potent form of potion
To flow like molten
Life sucks like a vacuum
In need of a fulcrum
To harness the calmest artists point of focus
In case you ain't noticed your record is broken
Do I make you cross like arms that are folden
Patrol like a warden
Do I take the piss like a shower that is golden
I was kind of hoping, hard work is key door please open
Inspiration sourced from the falls of Eden
Peaceful like Sweden till my fort was weaken
It's deceiving I'm leaving in need of healing
Retreating like
Dust in the wind I'm breathing

Am l to blame for this hole im in
Trails to long hopes wearing thin
Keep over dosing on this writers ink
Stay between the lines
N*gga don't sink.

As I stared at d night sky with a mindless gaze
I decided my dream was the path to take
Luxate my life from the life of a mindless slave,
And do something new in this music age,
I'm Just a lonely non-Chelonian, a musical sage,
Meaningful any line, quoted from any page,
In a book of my mind from an innocent age.
A anti social socialite in my own write
We was like;
Writing stanzas in the cellar of a retail store now look what we had stored,
In a cruddy studio making beats for weeks they were weak, after 52 weeks times (52x8) 8, we were meaner than a sack of rattlesnakes
Make crazy fresh shit in July
Put it out on a cold day in may
Coz you shouldn't kick fresh shit on a hot day
And we couldn't really session every day

[Chorus X2]
Track Name: Will of Fire
Why do you always hear you can’t make it
No they won’t give you your dreams you have to take it
It seems

[Verse 1]
No delusions of defeat
No laying in the street
you’re a lion in the street
Keep your eye on moving meat
In the jungle of concrete
In what u seek
from your deepest dreams
on the darkest nights
Meek… shall inherit the earth
Being the undercard isn’t selling many fights
Being the underdog isn't sending you on flights
Blunder hard n learn from it
turn hard into opposite
Deposit knowledge to your target
and park it
Next to your largest opposer or opportunities
Show pain immunity
Show pain to who u see
to whoever starts war for what ones won.
Show them they do not want none
Ever or leather all opposers to they scream man down
So when u feel held back
Don’t blame it on your background
If u wont sleep on the pavement
Why would u ever back down

Why do you always hear you can’t make it
No they won’t give you your dreams you have to take it
It seems
Its locked in a unbreakable box
On the highest rock and coz
You’re at the bottom u can’t picture the top
Take the feel of defeat by the neck and break it

[Verse 2]
These are the tales of a starving artist
Broken bones tender cartilage
Throw a raft time to leave these lonely islands
Wipe away teary eyelids
Fight against scary high winds
Surf the sea swerve the tridents silence all emotional tyrants.
Stamp on dreams feet so vulgar
In the art of torture
Masterpiece a cluster
Voices in your head ignore what they say
Choices are your instead you chose to play
A message to relay
As maggots feast dreams decay
Divorce the beast catch bokay
Course you'll blow just like a soufflé
Day lights hiding
Late night scribbling
No jobs hiring
Times expiring
Load your brain fire cells
Waves turns to decibels
Kings don’t fuck with Jezebels
Led a stray to dried up wells
Don’t thirst the curse
Let these words ring like bells
Fear to move makes you cattle
Fear owns you your just chattel
Believe in self is half the battle
Believe in self is the battle
Lose them arms that holds you back
Goals in front plan your attack
You want to explode I can tell
Like a shell from the barrel held in the palms of cartel
Take no prisoner
As u Rule around this equator

Don’t let em tell you what you can’t do
U aint no fool, Life is your school use the tool between your ears,
Show no fear
Tell obstacles to eat a dick
U aint on this shit
the fucking pricks
We’ll be rich
It’s frustrating I can tell
Help your family out this hell
from where we fell
Leave the stress
Use the system
Like a sket
Don’t let the system use you
You aint no fool