The Mantra EP

by Tee Harvey



The Mantra EP


released January 1, 2015

Production by Tee Harvey



all rights reserved



Owning yourself in music is rare, production, image, Videos, artwork and clothing, it’s all ours & now yours.


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Track Name: The Light
We’re always talking
About success
And kinds of paths were walking
You want the best
But it’s kind of awkward
Coz I can’t see a light
I know positive is right
But in this mockery of life…

….Its like the world’s against me
You try so hard but
inside you’re empty
You pray to God about
who your friends be
They walk by your side but won’t help you provide
Then expect a free ride…..

…..When you earn your keep
I seek protection
From the irony.
In time progression always finds me
If I don’t find it first
Before I hit my hearse
Its my gift and my curse.

We own unzoned potential
Why hold it down
Whilst watching thrones, that’s mental
We want the crown
A game that’s detrimental
So the question is do I
Take possession of a lie
Or chase my dreams
Fly or die?

What you see with your foresight
Makes you feel like there’s no light
Its alright

Keep passion in your life
Put passion in your fight
Then it’s alright
Track Name: 2L8
2 L8

A thin line between wasting time and fast money
Hurry to Get the honey then get the honeys keen or get a main honey bee and grow a whole money tree?
U choose or u loose
I took the route that aint for wannabes
Breed from a school in a pool of anomalies
Debating discord
In an understated country
These chords are my commentary
I'll never need Andy gray to illustrate me

Come ere Mr hindsight
My minds right but i'm ill
The times right but i'm still
A stones throw from the dole hole
So put my sense organ on a logo for Polo's
Never be
A swell guy well-nigh to get the whole pie
Till he decried any reason to try...

All we ever have is to long
But really all we never have is too long
And you always wanna be there to late
Now you wanna be here today
So long (So long)

[Part 2]

Don't leave the souffle
to bake till its to late
Stay fresh like a new born bouquet
If delivery is nothing, let the product say something coz time is of the spirit
That's why the goose is half here
And stays grayer than the vestibule to the ear
Of the same dull minded sheep
We're the skull grinding freaks
Who keep the norm to a min
But give in when the only praise is from the next of kin
Use your 2 ears, screw fear, who cares if a few peers don't like what you hear,
I climb the alpine style
no support & icy slopes
Don't stop for falling rocks then there might be hope

Track Name: Meteor
(Part 1)
Turned the Mic on again
You got me right with a pen
To turn these lines into kin
No Point in fighting the sin

Okay at night you’re my inspiration
And in the light you’re the cause for my innovation
I looked in awe when I saw this galaxy’s creation
I’ve been patient

The time is now
To see you meteor shower
This is your moment to shine
Let all the locals hear your vocals
In the still of the night

Alright Here comes the morning light
A memory I hunger for the feelings like;
When we touch I feel the summer but it’s Winter time….

(Part 2)
Your light depends on mine
A furnace couldn't hurt us whilst we’re in our prime
I keep u burning with these words until my end of time

So let me lend you time
Let me lend you time

Let us fall so far the other stars all fall behind
As we stay aligned…